Why “Bioidentical” Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) uses all-natural hormones that are identical to the hormones made by your body to ease the degenerative side effects of medical issues, environmental factors, and aging. The goal is to re-establish the hormone levels that your system was designed to maintain. 

Optimal Bio provides Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy for men and women. With four locations in North Carolina, we provide hormonal solutions to some of the most common medical issues associated with aging and current environmental factors. 

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Low Hormone Levels

Hormone levels naturally decline as the human body ages, and may also be affected by factors such as your diet and the environment around you. Low hormone levels in your body can lead to:

  • Ongoing Lack of Energy
  • Susceptibility to Depression 
  • Increased Risk for Heart Attacks 
  • Blood Clots
  • Strokes

Men and women with low hormone levels share a number of symptoms, but a few issues are gender-specific.

Woman with low hormone levels

Side Effects of Low Levels

  • Ongoing Lack of Energy
  • Hot Flashes
  • Difficulty Focusing
  • Mood Swings
  • Decreased Immune Functions
  • Weight Gain 
  • Poor Workout Performances
  • Decreased Libido
  • Decreased Sexual Function
  • Sporadic Sleep Cycles
  • Weak Bones
Woman with low hormone levels
testosterone pellet


At Optimal Bio, pellets are the preferred method of hormone replacement delivery. Over the years, Optimal Bio has worked with compounding pharmaceutical companies to produce the purest pellets possible. Small pellets, roughly the size of a grain of rice, are placed in fatty tissue of the buttocks or lower back area. The pellets can deliver a dose of either testosterone for men, or testosterone/estrogen for women. Additionally, each pellet implant lasts for several months and provides a substantial and stable release of hormones into the body.

Man using BHRT

Men's Hormones

The male body is resilient and it works efficiently when given the right components. On the cellular level, the hormone testosterone helps the body operate as expected. Low testosterone, or “Low T”, issues include a number of outward symptoms and over time, can be the cause of many physical issues.

Men have an ongoing drop in their testosterone levels from their 20s onwards. As the testosterone drops noticeably in the 40s into the 50s, doctors have started referring to this as “andropause” – rather, the male equivalent to menopause.

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Women's Hormones

Women are more susceptible to feeling the effects of hormonal imbalance. When hormone levels are low, the female body will not function as it should. Low hormone levels result in a number of symptoms. As time passes, the ongoing lack of hormones can cause the body to slow down and even deteriorate faster than it really should. 

When menopause occurs, a woman’s hormone levels drop dramatically. Women may experience a downward trend in testosterone and estrogen over the years, but when menopause occurs, estrogen levels can drop to zero.

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Woman using BHRT

The BHRT has been life-altering. I have clarity of mind, focus, and more energy. My libido has improved significantly. Definitely pursue a path to improved health with Optimal Bio! 

Dr Brannon’s philosophy and treatments have been a life changer for me. I feel better than I have in many years. I am now one year into my treatments and I plan to be a lifelong patient. The staff here are friendly, courteous and punctual. Dr. Brannon always takes the time to discuss my health and my life in general. Definitely not the typical doctor’s office experience.

The knowledge of Dr. Brannon is amazing. He is leading edge medicine and I’ve done everything he has asked. I feel the best ever. I’m 49 and feel 20. Lost weight and have more energy. This is real. He helps with eating habits, thyroid, and testosterone levels. He also knows how it all works together.

What Makes Optimal Bio Different

We don’t just balance hormones, we balance you.

Whole Body Approach

At Optimal Bio, we don’t just balance your hormones. We balance your whole body. We take an integrative approach to your overall physical and mental health by identifying your optimal hormone and supplement dosage, along with a structured wellness plan. We listen to your health concerns and review your comprehensive medical history to develop a holistic plan tailored to your specific needs.

Optimal Bio Analysis

At Optimal Bio, it’s not about test results on a page, it’s about how you feel. Our in-depth Optimal Bio Analysis uses an algorithm based on your specific health history and symptoms, including your gender, physique, and overall activity, to develop your individual hormone therapy plan. You get the results you are looking for by returning your body to the hormone levels it was initially designed to maintain, reaching your optimal hormone balance.

Naturally Better

At Optimal Bio, we provide an all-natural and bioidentical alternative to the traditional, synthetic hormone therapy. The hormone pellet placements we use are 99.5% natural and plant-derived. Because their structure is identical to the hormones made by your body, they are easily metabolized with no harsh side effects. 

Be A Healthier You Today!

At Optimal Bio, our mission is to restore your body to optimal health through industry-leading bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, thyroid treatments, and supplements. Get back to feeling like yourself, only better!

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